Alameda GH3

I was fortunate to have an associate lend me a Panasonic GH3 with a 12-35 f2.8 lens for a couple of days. While there is much information on the web of its video capabilities, I decided to try out the image side of it.

The GH3 does have built in HDR but I decided to manually take mine. Set up is: a custom profile at -5,-5,0,-5, aspect ratio 10:9 and bracketed 5X @ 1 stop each.

The first 3 images were shot early morning at an multi story garage in Alameda in bracketed mode and merged into HDR. I did have some white balance issues, but since shooting for final in black and white, I did not try and trouble shoot. I may look into this later if time allots.
The last 2 images were shot while on my walk about in downtown Alameda using single shot in raw.

Great to have a touch screen interface and mirror less compact camera. I am intrigued by the 16:9 aspect ratio wich provides a wider than I am used to landscape without feeling too panoramic. This one will be hard to give back.

Alameda GH3 1
Alameda GH3 2
Alameda GH3 3
Alameda GH3 4
Alameda GH3 5